BSLC ObjectivesClear objectives are critical to determining the types of initiatives that will be supported and the metrics used by Council to evaluate their success. 

Given the progress and anticipated successful implementation of a softwood lumber “check off”, there is merit in aligning Council’s objectives with those of the Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC).  Council’s initiatives may transition over to the BRC once Council’s funds are spent. 

To achieve long term sustainable growth in the demand for softwood lumber, the objectives are:

  1. Stop further erosion of softwood lumber’s share in single family residential markets.
  2. Increase softwood lumber’s share in multi-family and non-residential construction.
  3. Defend and rebuild softwood lumber’s share in the outdoor living market.

Given Council’s limited funds and lifespan, the ability to successfully deliver on all of these objectives will be modest but will help the Check Off board build upon the success of the Council’s initiatives.    Priority will be given to those objectives that have the greatest opportunity for success in the short term. 

In addition, the Council will seek to identify and support the development of new building system technologies that will increase the use of softwood lumber.