Raised Floor Living

Partners: SFPA and APA

BSLC ResidentialIndustry research has identified significant growth potential for softwood lumber products through the introduction and promotion of raised floor construction systems in the Gulf States. Over the next ten years, it is estimated that 150,000 houses with raised floor systems will be built, offering a unique opportunity to demonstrate and promote the benefits of raised floor systems in flood‐prone areas. The opportunity to broaden the effort to neighboring states is significant.

By elevating the home with a raised wood floor system, the typical framing package uses 1/3 more lumber. Homeowners in flood-prone areas experience reduced flood risk and lower flood insurance premiums, savings that can be substantial over the life of the mortgage.

Raised floor construction affords easy access to plumbing and other mechanical systems, and repairs and adding a room are greatly simplified. Pest control inspections are easier, too.